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We want to make sure your experience is as easy as possible. We will clean and test a small area of carpet for free and if you don't believe how well the process works, then you decide whether to continue with the rest of the service or not. No hassles and no worries. When we clean, there is nothing left behind. My severely child- and pet-stained carpets look like new and the house smells great!

I had hoped for an improvement, but I never dreamed the results would be this good! Not only was the Zerorez employee a professional carpet cleaning magician, she taught me a lot about how to keep things looking good between visits! I call Zerorez once a year to keep the house looking good.

I couldn't be happier. Own a rental and the tenants left the carpets filthy, thought I would have to replace, but the technicians from zerorez did an amazing job removing the stains. Get Directions Visit Website. Dallas, TX Recent Reviews: February 15, Plano, TX. Report a concern.

February 14, Frisco, TX. No chemicals! Barbara Pritcher Arlington, TX. Cesar was the best carpet cleaning person I have ever had to clean our carpet over all these years and the many different companies I have used!!! I will request him every time from now on. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and efficient. He is definitely a valuable member of your company. Garland, TX. Lake Dallas, TX. I always pleased with the service and result of the cleaning in our home.

However, this time we did not receive our gift card which is no biggie but it was part of the special I signed up for. Our cost was double what we paid a few years back but I believe we considerably more area clean. It was needed. Again, I would have the services again because I feel you process seems to be more clean. Both times the employees who performed we very personable and professional. Carrollton, TX. Stuff taste horrible. The only issue I have with this blog is it should be non- basis. Zerorez does not call out any of it competitors.

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Which is pointed out by Shaw and many other manufactures. It is rather common in this line of work. We at Zerorez strive to provide our customers a great cleaning experience without the bashing of the other companies in our service areas. So I ask that before just doing a Google search ask a Zerorez employee or location for the information. Because you can not believe everything you read on the internet.

My offer still stand Carpetguru for that ride-along. Hey Bob M stop crying and dry your tears with some sodium hydrochloride towels and get over your self. I have a large house with a lot of off white carpet. I also have two large dogs and two cats. I have used several different carpet cleaning companies. Zerorez has given me the best results by far. I have used them 3 times with great results. Before I used Zerorez I had a problem with recurring spots, now I do not.

Thanks for the post! Experience and courtesy are great characteristics of a good carpet cleaner. My advice, remember the name of the technician and request him or her next time. Posted by steve williams on February 13, at Loved the article. With your permission I would like to use it. We also use a sodium hydroxide based pretreatment followed by a truck powered degree rinse. Just softened water. I have been cleaning carpets, mostly for residential customers since I have many clients that have been with me for over 10 years that can attest to that.

My question is, Is it toxic in any way?

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It has a 9. Can you fill in any of the blanks here? Posted by johannesburg on March 11, at 3: Wow that was odd. Anyhow, just wanted to say fantastic blog! Here in Dallas, a Zerorez radio spot says they use only water.

In a word

It is absolutely laughable that employees of this fly-by-night company come on here and defend this nonsense. Zerorez will not void your warranty we have a platinum rating from the carpet and rug institute. Which is above the minimum gold standard that most if not all manufactures require. Posted by Mike Tubbs on May 24, at 3: And how many other cities are they in? How does that not cause warranty problems for newer carpets?

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They must neutralize it somehow and pushing protectorant HARD would get the customer coerced into paying for the neutralization process because it is mildly acidic…. I tell people that ask me about them 2 things: They are phenomenal advertizers. Probably the best service organization advertiser I have ever encountered in over 40 years of being in the cleaning industry across the US, 20 of them cleaning residential carpets in the Phoenix metro area…and 2.

They were just smart enough to trademark the term. Posted by DirtBlasters on May 24, at 4: ZeroRez is a marketing company profiting from the labor and Investment of numerous people who simply are too inexperienced or insecure to start their own business. How long are they going to get away with this nonsense? Posted by Michael Anderson on March 28, at 9: I have been cleaning carpets since , using the same chemicals in all that time. When I clean pile carpet I use a non-residue dry foam made by Mission laboratories applied by a rotary brush followed by an acetic acid rinse All Fiber textile rinse made by Chemspec applied by a portable extractor.

Neither the dry foam or the extractor cleaner has a pH over 9. These chemicals have proven to be safe for everything I have encountered so far. I tend to agree with our host that any product that leaves the carpet with an alkaline pH is not as effective in the short run and COULD be damaging in the long run say ten years or more. I suspect that just like Chem-Dry the corporation will make tons of money and the franchisees will have a very hard time surviving the next recession.

Whether you use my method or any other in your home or business, it makes sense to stay away from high-pH or the volatile solvents used in high heat extraction. His research seems to be thorough and his explanations easy to understand. I used Zerorez a few weeks ago; and now have a very sickenly sweet smell in one of my rooms. The house has been empty since the capets have been cleaned. We are trying to sell our house, and the odor has prohibited potential buyers from going past the first room upon entrance to the house post Zerorez cleaning.

Any thoughts? Posted by carpetguru10 on May 1, at 9: Dennis posted a comment on November 5, with similar results. He and I went back a forth with possible solutions. Page down until you find the comment and reply to his post. Maybe he came up with a good solution to his odor problem. Posted by sensitive skin on May 9, at 2: Posted by Brandon Branco on June 8, at 9: Zerorez is blowing up the airwaves here in Nashville, TN with their waging war against surfactant. As a carpet cleaning business owner here in Nashville, I get requests from people to clean their carpet, rugs and upholstery using water only.

I simply tell them I will but only if they tell me they use water only to wash their hands before dinner. They get the point pretty quick. Same with zerorez. I wander if they use empowered water at home to do their dishes, laundry, or washing their vans? Surfactant is an amazing substance, and does an excellent job cleaning most surfaces when used proportionality. It does more than help remove soils — it helps us breath! I was just about to make an appt with Zerorez to clean my carpets.

I am sooo totally confused, that I am really scared to use them!! I need my carpets cleaned!!! I have worked for a major locally owned carpet cleaning company in Indiana for 5 years. I am living proof that what these companies use in your home can be harmful to you! I understand my exposure is times higher than homeowners may face and I could be allergic to something in the chemicals I am exposed to but so may you or your children! Posted by carpetguru10 on July 10, at 5: Thanks for the post j! The unfortunate truth is that no matter what you bring into your house for flooring, with the exception of unfinished wood floors, you are bringing in chemicals.

One possible advantage of carpets for an asthma or allergy sufferer is that they trap dust and dander until they can be vacuumed up rather than blow around in the wind or get kicked up in the air. Very hot water ONLY does work pretty decent for very routine carpet cleaning but no one wants to have a cleaner out every month. Posted by Brandon Branco on July 21, at 9: Have you considered your vacuum cleaner spewing dust particles back into the air, or maybe the exhaust from the truckmount?

I appreciated the compliment considering mine line is green! Posted by carpetguru10 on July 10, at Posted by carpetguru10 on July 10, at 8: Sodium carbonate dries to a powder and them can be removed with a vacuum. Posted by websites on July 13, at Hello, Neat post. IE still is the marketplace leader and a big element of other people will miss your excellent writing because of this problem.

You posted one article on this blog over 3 years ago. What is the purpose of the blog? Seems to me like Zerorez is a competitor of yours? Any advice on any other carpet cleaning service out there? Posted by carpetguru10 on July 14, at 8: Hi Jonathan. The purpose of this blog is to share with readers what I have found to be true from lots of researching zerorez.

I needed to find a scientific explanation as to how it worked. Now zerorez competitors and potential customers that read this blog can get scientifically based sources of info, which I have cited, to put the pieces together and come up with a conclusion on there own.

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As far as advice goes on choosing a carpet cleaner…check the BBB rating and also ask if they use a low residue system and if they guarantee against premature re soiling from residues left behind. Most reputable companies will back their work. Posted by Jonathan Almquist on July 14, at 9: A typical consumer does not have the time or knowledge to determine which service actually provides the best value. We can look at reviews and search BBB, but these methods are not reliable unless the company provides utterly terrible service.

This is the deal on Zerorez. It is a good cleaning service, probably better than most, but it is also founded on deception. The Empowered Water or Promicide B water has no more cleaning power than regular water, it is basically worthless as a cleaning agent.

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The power of the cleaning system comes from its prespray Chemfree which has plenty of cleaning chemicals in it which leave residue. The author of the original post is correct in that the Promicide B does leave a sodium residue, but I doubt there is a lot of harm in it, however the residue left from Chemfree can also enhance resoiling. Zerorez is very skillful in marketing this smoke and mirrors concept and the only ones who are harmed by it are the franchisees who pay dearly for a Promicide water generator that has no cleaning power.

Ask a Zerorez tech to clean a dirty carpet without Chemfree and use only Promicide B water and see what you get. The other critical success factor for Zerorez is that they are very skilled in the upsell. They say they will not bait and switch, but if they do not upsell you they have failed in their mission.

The bottom line is that Zerorez has superior marketing skills and they usually provide a good service better than most and usually have high quality people coming into your home not going to steal your stuff , but you might be had with the final price you pay. Now you know the rest of the story. Good day! Is the CRI a neutral professional and industrial evaluator? Posted by Cheap Carpets Online on September 30, at 6: Check out this information about ZeroRez regarding their platinum level rating. This is what the CRI is certifying them on:. Dwell time: Notice the amount of ChemFree that is being applied at a rate of 1 gallon per sq.

The biggest problem a honest carpet cleaner has is the mountain of miss information that bloggers like this love to feed customers. It even says that this material is not expected to be harmful to aquatic life. Prove to us that you have any qualifications in chemistry because from what I can see you didn't even do a basic check to see how much Sodium hydroxide was in this product. Any chemist worth anything would know quantity is key when it come to how dangerous a product is. Posted by carpetguru10 on October 14, at 9: In your post you say you are clearly not a chemist but yet towards the end of your post you speak on behalf of all the chemists out there…hmmm did you do an msds check on chem free by zero Rez?

ZeroreZ does a perfectly fine job of cleaning carpets — but their real focus is on their marketing, which is a shame. Parts A and B, in other words. Alkaline cleaning agent, acid rinse. Strength and duration of current determine what percentage of the saltwater is exchanged. To me it verges on misrepresentation. Sodium hydroxide is already a component of many carpet cleaning agents used by professionals. The chemistry behind their cleaning process is sound and effective. But I think their advertising is a wee bit too anxious to claim that they have a unique fix-all.

Thank you for the insight given. Is their a more economical company that you would suggest? I live in Lawrenceville GA. Posted by Fabian on January 30, at 4: You have to get more knowledge on empowered water…it is nothing but personal opinions, sorry…. Posted by carpetguru10 on January 30, at You must be able to tell me more about it. Please do. I would like to hear more than my opinions. Posted by Kenneth on March 9, at 7: As a traditional truck mount steam cleaner I am always getting calls now about whether or not I leave residue behind. I like the points you make. It will help simplify things when people call me about residue….

Posted by carpetguru10 on April 4, at 8: I would also like to note that since this blog has been up zerorez has removed the MSDS sheet for chemfree from the web. Are they hiding something? If these are not small enough to wash in my washer how should I keep them clean??????

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I do so love carpet. Take rugs outside and shake them weekly. Vacuum them 2 times a week. Spot clean as needed.

The low down on ZEROREZ® and their Empowered Water™

Call professional steam cleaners 1 to 2 times a year. Hard wood floors may actually be worse for your breathing problems as they allow dust to blow around if you open the windows and dust goes into the air when you sweep. Having carpets and professionally steam cleaning them frequently removes dander and other allergens. Also vacuum with a hepa filter vacuum twice weekly. Posted by Domesticatedrats Domesticatedrat on April 30, at 1: I have been in the industry my whole life.

I have installed and sold the equipment to zerores. I am friends with the guy who invented there current equipment and have test and documented what they do. Softened water is better because it makes the chemicals go further it also makes the ionization process work better. In theory its all good but in reality the process is mostly a gimmick.

They still need to use other cleaning products which are the same as everyone else. The ozone and softener is nothing unusual its used in mass. Reblogged this on greenatlantacarpetcleaner and commented: ZeroRez the biggest marketing liars in carpet cleaning history. Hard to believe that so many people have so many grammatical errors that sound so similar. Who does one believe anyway? Posted by carpetguru10 on May 26, at 1: When properly cleaning residential carpets you are to use a pre-conditioner or pre-spray not to exceed a pH level of Preferably one one of the new Green approved cleaners , which are detergent based.

Then needs to be rinsed with a neutralizing rinse with a pH level with between a 5. This is an approved method by the carpet manufactures and by the top chemical manufactures HydoMaster , Bridgepoint , DSC and Pro choice. ZeroreZ makes false claims that us individual private carpet cleaners leave soapy residue.

Now ZeroreZ Is making claims that small independent companies which as been in business long before they were in existence are in fact infringing on there product and name to advertise. Residue is a term used to describe whats left in the carpet. The simple fact of the matter is the manufactures consider water a residue.

FYI all carpets are cleaned at the mills prior to leaving the mills before distributed by the same level as the pH described in this article. Posted by Mike Tubbs on June 14, at 8: Thank you again for this post! We recently had our carpet cleaned with zerores but now touching the carpet or walking on it barefoot is causing a allergic reaction on me it seems. What would cause that and how long will it last?

Posted by carpetguru10 on October 13, at 4: Most likely one of these chemicals: These 3 chemicals are the main components of zero Rez water and prespray. You may need another carpet cleaner come and and clean your carpets with water only to rinse out chemicals. Zerorez water is O3, The water you use at home is H2O. This site is spilling nothing but lies. O3 water is known to cure cancer. The USDA will not allow this product to be sold in this country because Pharmaceuticals are in bed with lobbyists and politicians and only care about making money not curing people.

I have family who have had cancer and have gone to Mexico to get this water and their cancer has been cured along with eating a organic plant based diet. Zerorez has taken advantage of a scientific breakthrough and used it clean. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 6, at 3: What you say is completely false.

Zero Rez water is not O3. O3 is ozone. O1 is an oxidizer responsible for the cleaning power in zerorez prespray. Posted by carpetguru10 on February 21, at I would encourage anyone to read these journals to help them gain a better understanding of this water. There are several industries that you will see who use this technology.

However, Zerorez is the first and only company using it in the carpet cleaning industry because of current patent rights. Posted by carpetguru10 on February 25, at 7: These articles explain that the water is chlorinated to disinfect and clean. This chlorine is produced by the Chlor-alkali process which I explain in my article. There is absolutely nothing special about this process and the cheaper way to go would be to buy some bleach at the grocery store and dilute it. Here is my two cents. Empowerment is defined as giving someone not something the authority or legal power to carry something out.

You can not empower an inert object, only a person. To say that they clean without chemicals is BS because water itself and everything around you including you are made of chemicals. Every chemical, yes even water, can be deadly if taken in too great of quantities. I believe that people want to clean with chemicals that cause as little damage as possible to their family members and pets.

Fort Worth : $60 for three rooms of carpet cleaning from Zerorez ($150 value) [Eversave]

I find for cleaning carpets, I use a steam cleaner I rent for 30 dollars i. Big green machine. I use the hottest water possible and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will kill the germs, remove stains and dries very quickly. It leaves my carpets clean, fresh smelling and looking like new.

In total, I spend less than dollars and use a little elbow grease to get my carpets clean and I know what chemicals were used to clean them. Hope this is helpful or useful for you. Zerorez is just a made up advertising scheme, half of the technicians have vans with tanks so small they have to connect to customers hoses after the first or second stop anyways. Why would a company use the same chemical for carpet and tile cleaning, oh and now that I think about it they use the same pre- spray for upholstery as well. Take my advice and call another company possibly Stanley Steemer, coit, or Chem-Dry , stay away from Zerorez.

Sounds like this guy either works for the competition or has worked in the industry. The water is actually self neutralizing and the carpet is preteated with a orange peel extract. They explain the process when they come to clean your house and what makes them different from other companies. Posted by carpetguru10 on June 25, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Home About. Is this true? I will provide you with the facts, to the best of my knowledge, and you can decide for yourself. Sodium hydroxide, also known as Lye is found in many drain cleaners and oven cleaners, it is highly corrosive in high concentrations and will eventually turn into sodium carbonate when exposed to carbon dioxide in the air.

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  7. Hot water extraction with detergent is the most common process for carpet cleaning. Because of this, I am going to use this method as the comparison. Surfactants are a very important part of the cleaning process. Surfactants break the surface tension of water allowing the water based pre-conditioner to penetrate deeper into the carpet yarn, allowing for a deeper clean. Surfactants also work to break down and emulsify oils as stated by http: With this being said, it seems that cleaning with a product without a surfactant would be less effective that cleaning with a product with a surfactant.

    Like this: Like Loading Posted by manther on March 5, at 6: Nice article. It seems you hit the nail on the head. I hope alot of people read this! Posted by Cathy Pelino on May 1, at 4: Posted by The concept on May 1, at 4: Posted by Jessica on February 1, at 1: Thank you Reply. Posted by Tom on January 8, at 3: Posted by kristy on October 20, at Posted by david on June 11, at 9: Posted by Nathan on August 18, at 5: Posted by Deb on August 24, at 7: Posted by Toby on February 27, at You are paranoid Kangen water is one of the biggest scams on the internet — http: I hope you are not speaking on behalf of zero Rez… How do pH of Amen to that!

    Posted by Jason on September 19, at 8: Posted by Ivan Aufulitch on February 5, at 7: Posted by court on March 17, at 3: Posted by Maggie on July 13, at 5: Posted by Doug Haerle on October 30, at 4: Posted by jeremy on October 21, at 9: Very intelligent and engaging. Bottomline Reply. Primacide B Empowered Water Primacide B is an extremely effective saponifier and cleaning fluid with some anti-microbial properties. Posted by Tom on January 8, at 4: Posted by wow on August 18, at Posted by Justin Thyme on July 8, at Posted by The concept on November 2, at 2: